RH Factor was founded in 1999 by Dave Rawlinson and Craig Hunter to deliver sound post production in a fresh and artful way. Combining many years of experience in video production, audio workstation development, studio management, and hands-on mixing and editing, the goal of RH was to be a client friendly workspace with a premium on efficiency and family-style environment.

Early RH Factor shows included CSI, Ally McBeal, Boston Legal, and My Name Is Earl along with many pilots and independent features. With a Burbank-based facility that now includes dubbing stages, an ADR/Foley stage and a layback stage, plus editorial, RH Factor continues to provide a boutique environment within state of the art technology.


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"I always want them on my team - their creativity enhances the storytelling process."

Marc Buckland, Executive Producer / Director

My Name is Earl, Medical Investigation, Cracking Up

"Needless to say, quality is the first demand. With RH Factor, that is their motto. I also refuse to know that there are other projects on their schedule to get in the way of achieving that quality. With RH Factor, I feel like I'm their only client."

James C. Hart, Executive Producer / Director

The Wedding Bells, Cracking Up, Mr. Sterling, CSI

"As an independent producer, it's not easy to find people to do the post sound work to deliver big feature quality at prices that are manageable. RH Factor pulls that off tremendously, in every possible way."

Scott M. Rosenfelt, Producer

Kids in America, Valley of the Heart's Delight, Once Upon a Wedding, Lenny the Wonder Dog